Going live

October 06, 2019, The Mun Team

After a successful first Mun jam, our ideas had advanced far enough that we felt ready to share our vision for Mun with the world. What started as experimentation with hot reloading in Rust, has culminated in Mun: a programming language empowering creation through iteration.

Why another programming language?

It was never our goal to write a new language. We want to achieve quick developer iteration through natively supported hot reloading for data and functions. As no other language - that we know of - supports this, the easiest way to proof its feasibility is through a novel language. We are happy for existing languages to incorporate our findings in the future, and in that case would consider our goal achieved too.

Digital presence

Over the course of this week we launched several initiatives to inform, interact with, and muster support from the community. Our website - mun-lang.org - serves as a starting point for anyone who is new to Mun. To directly ask questions or provide feedback to the Mun Development Team we launched the Mun Discord server.

Support Us

Mun’s development is being done in our core contributor’s spare time. To further advance the project, we welcome any and all donations on Open Collective. We are proud to be partnering with the Amethyst Foundation as our fiscal sponsor, to ensure that your donations benefit Mun as much as possible.