This Month in Mun - February 2020

March 10, 2020, The Mun Team

Mun awarded MOSS grant

Mun awarded MOSS grant

We are very proud to announce that Mun has been awarded a $15K grant as part of the MOSS Mission Partners track. Its an honour for an established open-source company like Mozilla to put their faith in our mission and capabilities. With Mozilla’s generous support, we are able to boost the Core Team’s efforts to finish hot reloadable data structures during the coming months.

Our goal is to support Mun code with both stack-allocated and heap-allocated data structures, which can be hot reloaded from Rust, C, and C++. A garbage collector will be used to manage heap-allocated structs. Major milestones include:

  • Language support for structs (records, tuples, unit structs)

      struct Record { a: float, b: int }
      struct Tuple(Record)
      struct Unit;
  • Language support for structs with different memory management models

      struct(gc) Gc(int);         // Garbage collected
      struct(value) Value(int);   // Passed by value
      struct Default(Value);      // Defaults to `struct(gc)`
  • Marshalling of structs to Rust, C, and C++

      let mut value: StructRef = invoke_fn!(runtime, "value_new", 5i64).unwrap();
      assert!(value.set("0", 10i64).is_ok());
      assert_eq!(Ok(10i64), value.replace("0", 15i64));
      assert_eq!(Ok(15i64), value.get::<i64>("0"));
      let default: StructRef = invoke_fn!(runtime, "default_new", value).unwrap();
      auto value = mun::invoke_fn<mun::Struct>(*runtime, "value_new", 5).unwrap();
      assert(value.set("0", 10));
      assert(10 == *value.replace("0", 15);
      assert(15 == *value.get<int64_t>("0"));
      auto default = mun::invoke_fn<mun::Struct>(*runtime, "default_new", value).unwrap();

Our complete roadmap for the MOSS grant milestones can be found on Trello.


We would also like to thank Erlend for introducing us to and encouraging us to apply for the MOSS grant. If it weren’t for his confidence in Mun - at an early stage - we would not have thought ourselves ready to apply.

Next steps

The MOSS grant marks a great achievement for our team, but we don’t plan on stopping here. We want to keep improving and expanding Mun; and need your help to do so. Are you interested in contributing to Mun or do you just want to receive the latest updates? Then join us on Discord, follow us on Twitter, or watch us on Github. If you care about our mission but cannot aid in the development, please consider becoming a sponsor on our Open Collective.