This Month in Mun - December 2019

January 01, 2020, The Mun Team

December is often perceived as a month that emphasizes family and togetherness. The Mun community for one really did pull together, allowing the core contributors to focus on making data structures a reality. This month, we’ve implemented:

  • Parsing of tuple data structures
      struct Baz(float, int);
  • Parsing and type inferencing of data structure literals
      struct Foo;
      struct Bar {
          a: float,
      struct Baz(float, int);
      fn main() {
          let a: Foo = Foo;
          let b: Bar = Bar { a: 1.23, };
          let c = Baz(1.23, 1);
  • Indexing of data structure fields
      fn main() {
          let foo = Foo { a: 1.23, };
          let bar = Bar(1.23, 4);
  • Generation of LLVM IR for data structure declarations, literals, and field indexing
  • Add data structure information to the Mun ABI
      typedef struct
          /// Struct name
          const char *name;
          /// Struct fields' information
          const MunTypeInfo *field_types;
          /// Number of fields
          const uint16_t num_fields;
      } MunStructInfo;
  • Loading data structure information into the Mun Runtime

We also made some minor fixes for the latest version of Rust and added type checking of binary operations:

fn foo() {
    let b = false;
    let n = 1;
    let _ = b + n; // error: invalid binary operation

Meanwhile, the Mun community has not been standing by idly:

  • We welcomed our first community contributions (PRs #66 & #67) for two of our good first issues. This is a great way for community members to gain an understanding of our codebase and workflow, while helping us implement important fixes and improvements.

  • A community member who works on Veloren, created a proof of concept for Mun-powered hot reloading inside the game:

    Mun hot reloading in Veloren

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