This Month in Mun - December 2020

January 05, 2021, The Mun Team

December - again - was a slow month; holidays and day jobs keeping the core developers busy. We did finally manage to work together during the holiday break.

As stated in last month’s update we are looking into the possibility of funding a third
developer ourselves - albeit a token amount. Sadly, none of our existing contributors can dedicate more of their precious time either, so we are on the lookout for new talent.

Tell me more!

As the reward is commensurate of an internship allowance, we’re targetting a similar audience. So, if you’ve been working on your own Rust projects and want to take the next step on a bigger, community-driven project; or have always been interested in honing your compiler, language, or garbage collection skills; this is an opportunity to do so alongside two industry veterans. An added bonus is that all of our code is - and will always remain - open-source, so you can show off all of your work on Mun during future job interviews.

If you are interested in helping develop Mun - but are not sure where to start - feel free to take a look at our good first issues or reach out to us on [Discord][discord], Twitter, or the Contact Us link at the bottom of our website.

Mun v0.3 progress

  • feature: use statements language support [PR#290] The language side of things to support multi-file projects is about to be wrapped up with the introduction of use statements. We implemented use statements similar to how they work in Rust, including support for wildcard imports.

    use package::foo::Bar;
    use package::bar::{self, Baz, *};

    The next step for our project management epic is to support runtime linking between assemblies.

  • bump: rust 1.49 [PR#291] and bump: rust 1.48 [PR#289] We updated our codebase to work with the latest versions of Rust. This also included fixes for new clippy warnings.

For more details, please check out our high-level roadmap on Github that details new features for the upcoming three releases - Mun v0.3, v0.4, and v0.5 - as well as a backlog of features that are still to come.