On our blog we try to write frequent updates about the development of Mun.

Rust 2020: Scalability

November 14, 2019, Remco (Wodann) - Mun Core Team

In my Rust 2020 blog I tried to shy away from specific feature requests, instead zooming out to look at the Rust ecosystem as a whole. As a community, we've achieved great things but we should take care not to crumble under the weight of a scaling language and ecosystem. We all need to come together to ensure that Rust can sustainably scale - be it in large organisations, communities, or codebases.

Release - Mun v0.1.0

November 11, 2019, The Mun Team

We are proud to present Mun v0.1.0 - our first milestone release. As a language, Mun is still far from production-ready, but this release gives you a glimpse of what natively supported hot reloading will look like in the future.

This Month in Mun - October 2019

October 28, 2019, The Mun Team

Having built a runtime prototype and framework for lexing, parsing, type checking, and LLVM IR code generation; our goal for the remainder of October was to extend, polish, and stabilise this into a Mun v0.1 release.

Going live

October 06, 2019, The Mun Team

After a successful first Mun jam, our ideas had advanced far enough that we felt ready to share our vision for Mun with the world.

Mun Jam #1

September 22, 2019, The Mun Team

As we finally found ourselves in the same country, our two-man team decided to get together for a Mun Jam.