On our blog we try to write frequent updates about the development of Mun.

This Month in Mun - March 2020

April 02, 2020, The Mun Team

A lot of things that we cannot fully control are currently going on in the world. The Mun community and Core Team are trying to make the best of the situation and have once again made great strides; the recently obtained MOSS grant giving us an additional productivity boost!

This Month in Mun - February 2020

March 10, 2020, The Mun Team

We are very proud to announce that Mun has been awarded a $15K grant as part of the MOSS Mission Partners track. With Mozilla's generous support, we are able to boost the Core Team's efforts to finish hot reloadable data structures during the coming months.

This Month in Mun - January 2020

January 31, 2020, The Mun Team

The dawning of a new year is often marked by reflection and the conception of resolutions. We felt that the goals we had previously set for Mun v0.2 were still true, so with the help of our community we pushed forward with our plans.

This Month in Mun - December 2019

January 01, 2020, The Mun Team

December is often perceived as a month that emphasizes family and togetherness. The Mun community for one really did pull together, allowing the core contributors to focus on making data structures a reality.

This Month in Mun - November 2019

December 31, 2019, The Mun Team

November marked the first milestone release of Mun, providing the Mun community with a first chance to experiment with native hot reloading. Leading up to the release we mainly focused on CI, improving documentation, and bug fixes; but also made a few more additions.

Rust 2020: Scalability

November 14, 2019, Remco (Wodann) - Mun Core Team

In my Rust 2020 blog I tried to shy away from specific feature requests, instead zooming out to look at the Rust ecosystem as a whole. As a community, we've achieved great things but we should take care not to crumble under the weight of a scaling language and ecosystem. We all need to come together to ensure that Rust can sustainably scale - be it in large organisations, communities, or codebases.

Release - Mun v0.1.0

November 11, 2019, The Mun Team

We are proud to present Mun v0.1.0 - our first milestone release. As a language, Mun is still far from production-ready, but this release gives you a glimpse of what natively supported hot reloading will look like in the future.

This Month in Mun - October 2019

October 28, 2019, The Mun Team

Having built a runtime prototype and framework for lexing, parsing, type checking, and LLVM IR code generation; our goal for the remainder of October was to extend, polish, and stabilise this into a Mun v0.1 release.

Going live

October 06, 2019, The Mun Team

After a successful first Mun jam, our ideas had advanced far enough that we felt ready to share our vision for Mun with the world.

Mun Jam #1

September 22, 2019, The Mun Team

As we finally found ourselves in the same country, our two-man team decided to get together for a Mun Jam.